Teresis Media Library™

The Teresis Media Library™ is the first entirely web based solution providing specific web based tools managing a production and all of its digital assets. With either PC or Mac, users can search media, annotate media with time coded hyperlinks, log, transcribe, create story boards, create scripts, manage production workflow, digital rights, and even edit. For the first time production staff is freed up to work from home or remotely with the media using just a standard DSL internet connection and their laptop.

Teresis Media Library™ provides:

Multi- platform (MAC, PC) browser based 128 bit encrypted database built on scalable        IBM technology.
Log, transcribe with integrated foot pedal for a 30-50% increase in productivity.
Search and view all media with hyperlinked time codes.
Print Labels and manage the master tape vault with barcode recognition.
Search and annotate with hyperlinked time code to media.
Create two column scripts.
Create edit sequences and edit decision lists all from your web browser and import        them into Avid or Final Cut Pro.
Create new clips and cuts from the Teresis sequence all from the browser.
Build dynamic story boards, for collaborative development, faster approval process.
Manage all assets including releases, permissions, contracts, artwork, audio, still        photos, royalties.
Approve cuts virtually and eliminate the need of cumbersome FTP and shipping DVD's.
Keep entire archive online for easy searching and repurposing year after year with        minimal storage requirements.
Frees up field producers, story producers, story writers, and post-production team to        work remotely and without cumbersome tapes and VHS decks.

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